True health infuses positive energy in the mind, body and spirit , it is a main focus in my life.

-Maximillian Degenerez


SKIN VIBBES is a state of art clinic located in the heart of Pune. It was started in the year 2009 by DR SHIRREEN Y. POONAWALA with the intention of providing BASIC and ADVANCED skin, hair and nail care based on thorough Anatomical and ETHICAL grounds.

​SKIN as we know is the largest organ of human body. It is the only organ that faces the environment directly, be it sunlight, wind or injury. All the internal diseases –major or minor( eg. Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid disorders, PCOD etc ) home skin manifestation.


  • I completed a course of SKIN treatments and I'm really pleased with the results. My skin looked plumper, fresher and more radiant and got me lots of compliments from my friends and family. The clinic is elegant and comfortable and the staff are friendly and welcoming. I definitely recommend this..

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  • To stay ahead of the sun damage. I have had various types of skin cancer and Dr. Shirreen has done an incredible job explaining what I have and staying on top of it for me so it does not have a chance to spread. She has also done a wonder job in helping me work on correcting the sun...

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