SKIN VIBBES is a state of art clinic located in the heart of Pune. It was started in the year 2009 by DR SHIRREEN Y. POONAWALA with the intention of providing BASIC and ADVANCED skin, hair and nail care based on thorough ANATOMICAL and ETHICAL grounds.

SKIN as we know is the largest organ of human body. It is the only organ that faces the environment directly, be it sunlight, wind or injury. All the internal diseases –major or minor( eg. Diabetes, Hypertension, Thyroid disorders, PCOD etc ) have skin manifestation.

So many times these illnesses manifest as skin ,hair and nail problems.Moreover,healthy skin and hair add to a good personality of an individual and are confidence boosters.Hence it becomes imperative to care for these important organs.

​With this in mind, we at Skin Vibbes strive to provide customized solutions for all skin, hair and nail problems. All our treatments are backed with a holistic view of overall health.Thus we provide our patients a complete expert counselling on health care with special stress on diet, healthy lifestyle and a positive approach towards problem as a whole.

​None understands skin better than a trained dermatologist. So with this confidence ,our patrons trust our expert doctor and her well trained team.

Dr. Shirreen . Y. Poonawala

Dr Shirreen .Y. Poonawala is a Dermato-Cosmetologist,Trichologist and Laser Surgeon

After scoring 99%in her C. B. S. E. Boards,she secured admission in M. B. B. S under M. U. H. S University. She completed her postgraduation in Dermatology and Venereology from K. E. M. Hospital Pune,where under the tutelage of renowned and expert doctors,she acquired her clinical and surgical skills. She is practicing in the field since the year 2009,Lasers,Botox ,Fillers and hair rejuvenation being her fields of interest.

She is also an honorary dermatologist at Inamdar Multispeciality Hospital and research centre in Pune.

Her passion and dedication to the field of dermatology and her compassionate nature make her a favourite amongst her patients.

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