Radio Frequency Surgery

It is one of the most popular demato-surgical procedures also known as” Poor man’ laser” or Cold cautery. It involves application of alternating current at ultra high frequency (500 – 4000khz) and passage of radio waves. It has gained importance in recent years as it is highly effective in the cutting of skin lesions with adequate bleeding control at the same time.

Uses of RF in dermato surgery

  1. Removal of skin tags, Warts, Seborrheic Keratosis, Syringomas etc
  2. Skin biopsies and grafts
  3. Keloid resection
  4. Debulking of skin tumors
  5. Resurfacing in c\o rhinophyma
  6. Excision of planter fibromata, ingrown toe nail

Advantages of radio frequency surgery

  1. Inoffice procedure
  2. Rapid healing
  3. Minimal or no bleeding
  4. Minimal or no scaring
  5. Safe and economical
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